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Christmas 2019

Santa- coming to a street near you- details coming soon

Annual Swimathon 2019

Swim for your charities

Margate Rotary Club is holding a great fundraiser. Following the successful Victorian Tea party for the eradication of Polio, our next fundraising event is our Annual Swimathon for local charities.

This event is taking place at Ramsgate Pool, on the 28th September from 5pm. Come and raise some money for your chosen charity.

For further details please contact Terry on 07913686669 or click the link below.

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Thanet Schools Young Artists’ Art Exhibition 22-28 April 2019

The theme for next year will be: ‘ My Special World ‘ which we hope will give young people a chance to express in picture form what is individually important to them .

In April 2018 were able to display all the 730 paintings that were submitted, and the space available was nearly full , consequently, it would be very helpful if teachers could indicate as soon as possible if they would like their students to take part and the numbers. Please note: we supply A3 and A4 mounts and plastic wallets for the work. Any other sizes will have to be mounted by the entrants. Please notify us of these as we have to plan the lay-out of the exhibition well in advance , we are suggesting that schools look at 20 entrants per school or college in A3 , can be more if A4 , or a mix as there are so many schools now taking part and will have limited space. If more spaces become available we will inform you nearer the date when we have had replies of numbers. We also consider it essential to update our contact list; ‘ in accordance with our Privacy Policy which may be found on the website’. A quick communication with individual schools simplifies the task of organising such a large-scale and high-profile event. As part of this process, we would like each school/ college to confirm or otherwise that their pupils will be entering the 2019 competition.

Schools and College’s which have taken part before should not automatically assume that they are registered for 2019.

We trust that you appreciate our need for full information and a specific person to contact and liaise with, especially where there has been a change of staff.

Thank you for help in advance.

Anyone requiring further information or guidance should contact Brian Homewood:



Presidents Night 2019

A wonderful night celebrating Roy Copper. Thank you for a wonderful year and we wish Beverley Aitken all the best for the coming year.



He is the list of streets Santa will be visiting this year.Merry-Christmas

Thursday 13th December
Starting at the shops in Summerfield Road at 5.30pm.
Summerfield Road to Crundale Way and side turnings, Botany Road, Knockholt Road and Monkton Gardens.

Friday 14th December
Starting at the shops in Summerfield Road at 5.30pm.
Eastchurch Road and side turnings, Crundale Way, Staplehurst Road, Springfield, Princess Margaret Avenue, Harbledown Gardens, Eastchurch Road back to the shops including Kilndown Gardens.

Monday 17th December
Starting at Dane Valley Arms at 5.30pm.
Dane Valley Road, Tomlin Drive and all side roads up to Friends Avenue and Millmead Road, Irvine Drive, William Avenue , Cowley Rise, back at Dane Valley Road.

Tuesday 18th December
Start in Dane Valley Road near Bookmakers at 5.30pm.
Dane Valley Road, Kent Road, Millmead Road, Selbourne Road, Kent Road , Invicta Road, Marlowe Road, Arlington gardens, Invicta Road back to Dane Valley Road.

Thursday 20th December
Addiscombe Road by Plant Hire Shop at 5.30pm.
Addiscombe Road , Addiscombe gardens, St Peters Footpath, Poets Corner, Byron Avenue, Shakespeare Road, Milton Avenue back up to Poets Corner , St Peters footpath into Church Street , Oxford Road and back to St Peters Road. If time permits we may be able to visit Old School Gardens and Durban Road.

Friday 21st December
Starting in Addiscombe Road at the side of Dane Park at 5.30pm.
Addiscombe Road, Rosedale Road, College Road, Glencoe Road back to Addiscombe Road into Hastings Avenue, Olave Road, UpperDane Road, Victoria Road, Laleham Road and Northdown Park Road.